Reservation and Room Use Policies:

  • 1.) A reservation for all use of the Conference Center is required.
  • 2.) If you will not be using your reservation, please cancel in a timely manner so that others may use the room if needed.
  • 3.) The Conference Center may be reserved up to and through 8 weeks in advance.
  • 4.) No more than thirty (30) individuals may occupy the Conference Center at one time.
  • 5.) Please be respectful of the office tenants that surround the Conference Center.
  • 6.) Wipe the tables, if necessary, cleaning wipes are in the cabinet located in the room.
  • 7.) Please remove all food items from the refrigerator after use.
  • 8.) Wipe down the sink and countertop area.
  • 9.) Wipe the dry erase board clean after each use.
  • 10.) Return the chairs to their regular set-up, if they were moved.

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